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Plumbing Services

AK Light Corp, your go-to crew for commercial site solutions! We keep the pipes flowing and the water woes at bay! Whether it's a leaky situation, clogged concerns, or plumbing predicaments, we're here with the right expertise to ensure your business stays watertight.

Electrician Services

Our electricians are skilled and fully equipped for every work order. We are your electrical superheroes for commercial sites, and not only! Need a power boost, wiring wizardry, or just fixing flickering lights? We're your go-to team for all things electrical in the business world.

HVAC Services

HVAC is one of our strongest suits. We bring the perfect climate to your commercial space! Whether it's a cooling conundrum, a heating hassle, or ventilation vexation, we've got the expertise to keep your business environment comfortable.


Brand new staff, brand new skillset.

AK Light Corp just had a major RESTART, and now we are ready to complete more work than ever. We are trying to cover all states in the east coast of U.S.A when it comes to electrical, plumbing, hvac and general maintenance.

Electrician Services
HVAC Services
Plumbing Services
Handyman Services

We are always looking for new professionals who want to become part of our journey